I opened a brewery Turmbräu in Songjeong after falling in love with Busan through Jeongmin, a native Busan spouse whom I met in China. As a descendant of a family that acquired Turmbräu in 1907, a brewery that dates from the late 17th century, I am promoting German beer, food, and culture to Korea in Busan based on the recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Without having to board a long flight to Germany, try authentic German beer and food right here in Songjeong, Busan, Korea. We'll be waiting for you at the Tower(Turmbräu) brewery in Busan.

Turmbräu CEO & Head Brewer

Turmbräu Mühldorf is a small town in the Bavarian State, located southeast of Munich, Germany. It has a population of about 20,000 and is geographically close to the Austrian border.

Turmbräu is a brewery that started in Mülldorf, Bavaria, Germany from the late 17th century, and was acquired in 1907 by my ancestors, the Grätz family. Although the brewery was shut down in the 1960s, the Grätz family has preserved the treasured Turmbräu brand and brewpub to this day. Recognized for its history and significance by the city of Mülldorf, it has been preserved as a museum brewery and Turmbräu Mülldorf taproom is still in operation on its site in the downtown of Mülldorf. Currently, Turmbräu Korea is opened in Songjeong-dong, Haeundae-gu, Korea serving authentic German beer and German food.

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Under the slogan of 'BACK TO THE ROOTS', we are making beer that is faithful to the standards in accordance with the traditional German brewing method and the German Beer Purity Law. With the exception of some collaboration products and seasonal limited edition products, the name of Turmbräu's beer is determined by the beer type, in order to increase the understanding of the beer type of the consumer.

Brew pub where you can enjoy real German food with Turmbräu's beer, which has a history of more than 300 years of brewing. The second floor of Brew pub, which has a yellow exterior, is considered a great place to look down at the brewery facilities. On the 1st floor taproom that feels like you are in a familiar German pub and the 2nd floor taproom that feels like you are at a cozy German home, Germans can feel as if they are at home, and Koreans can feel as if they have traveled to Germany.

At Turmbräu taproom, you can enjoy Andreas' homemade schnitzel, homemade sausage made using family recipes, and German snack currywurst. Andreas' homemade kimchi sauerkraut is also included. There are also infant chairs and coloring games for children to have fun and happy time with the family.

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Hello, I am Andreas from Germany. Currently settling in Busan, Korea, as an owner-brewer Turmbräu Korea, I runs a traditional German beer brewery and continues my family business.. With a strong sense of responsibility not only to inherit the precious family brand, but also to strengthen the authentic German beer category in the Korean craft beer market, we are doing our best to manage and brew the brewery. I have always had a love for Korea thanks to the nice Korean friends I met while studying abroad in China. As an exchange student in Korea for my Korean wife, I fell in love with Korea, especially Busan. Except for the fact that I have not yet adapted to the hot and humid summer weather in Busan compared to my hometown of Mülldorf, thanks to the delicious Korean food and friendly Korean people, I enjoy running a brewery and doing well here in Busan.

In accordance with the Beer Purity Law, we make authentic German beer with water, malt, yeast and hops without artificial additives. German beer is different from American beer, where creativity is outstanding, and it is a beer that is faithful to the basics so that it is easy to drink. Classic Turmbräu beers include 'Helles', a southern German lager, 'Weiss', a southern German wheat beer with a smooth texture and rich banana flavor, and 'Rogen', a special rye beer reborn with Andreas' affection and hard work. Depending on the season, we not only offer a variety of limited beers such as Festbeer, Doppelbok, and Osterbok, but also actively collaborate with local communities.

The german word ‘Turm’ of Turmbräu means ‘tower’ in English, and the tower engraved on the brewery logo is a landmark in Mühldorf, Germany. Like Yongdusan Park in Busan!

In the future

As a brewery that started in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic after a long period of preparation, it has not been easy. In the future, I want to further grow and stabilize the brewery, so that it can properly establish itself as a proud local brewery in Busan. Personally, I want to study Korean harder and feel a stronger sense of belonging to Korean society. Especially, the Busan dialect is really cool! One of my goals is to become a German who speaks Busan dialect the best in the country.

We will not repeat the sad and difficult situation in which the brewing work of Turmbräu Mülldorf had to be stopped. Without stopping the operation of the brewery, I want to be with you as a local brewery, Turmbräu, which makes beer that is loved by many people even after 100 or 200 years.

Show me the hop Beer
Seasonal local beer

The ‘Show Me the Fresh Hop IPA’ collaboration project means a lot to me. Today, many breweries use mostly imported ingredients, but Tumbräu Mülldorf is brewed using only local ingredients nearby, so it is meaningful to continue the tradition of Tumbräu. It is significant that a local brewery based in Korea brews beer using Korean ingredients.

Although it is really exciting and exciting to use domestic hops containing the blood, sweat and tears of Hopeden farmer, I think it's just the beginning. We hope that not only Tumbräu but also other Korean breweries will continue to use local ingredients in the future.

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