• ReconnectKorean Hop

    The history of hop farming in Korea began with beer. Hops, which began to be cultivated in North Korea in the early 20th century, were also cultivated in South Korea at the end of Korea War 6.25. and in the 1980s, hop business hit the production record of 460 tons on dry basis. However, hops rapidly disappeared from this land due to complex reasons such as the industrial background of the 1990s and the weakness of saving of labor, and then domestic beer became entirely dependent on imported hops.

    Korea has become a developed country through rapid economic growth. Could it be that we lost something precious while fast growing period of economy? I would like to talk about the hope of Korean agriculture, not just one crop, Hop. Hopeden, we, will inherit the baton of the Korean hop farming discontinued.

  • ReconnectTradition

    Turmbräu is born in Mühldorf, located east of Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It has been run by the Grätz family since 1907, when a great unity of local breweries large and small in the suburbs of Munich took place. However, in 1943, when Max Grätz, who had served in World War II, disappeared, the seat of the official heir to the family became vacant. Although the brewery has ceased to exist, the Graz family with a valuable family brand has maintained the brewery and brand.

    Andreas, the 6th-generation descendant of Grätz family who always regretted the fact that the Tombroy, representing a region, was cut off and exists only as a memory to many people. Owing to his relationship with Korea, he is continuing the Turmbräu brewery in Busan, a trendy city for craft beer in Korea since Fall 2021.

  • ReconnectLocal

    A pretty craft beer workshop located in Uiseong, Gyeongbuk. During the day, it becomes a home brewing space for those who want to experience and learn beer brewing as a hobby, and in the evening it becomes a place for urban-rural exchanges to communicate with local residents. It is such a lovely space to share various values like local food, products, culture, and design, at the same time share experiences with each other enjoying craft beer.

    Life with evening hours, work-life balance. The daily life of making, sharing, and drinking craft beer brings a little relaxation to life. A precious space in a small rural village. Today, we continue the value of life ‘ Drink values and share experiences’

Korean Hops
German Beer
We are connected
The 1st producer, HOPEDEN that inherits the baton of the Korean hop farming discontinued.
The 2nd producer, TURMBRÄU that reconnect the tradition of German beer.
The 3rd Producer, HOPPY HOLIDAY that discovers, creates and shares the local values.
Presenting to you 2022 season limited craft beer brewed by connecting the three producers that is the one and only beer in the world.
When something we take for granted stops or disappears, we often regret it.
Are you missing out on something precious around you at this very moment?
Enjoy the season limited beer “Show Me the Hop” and take back your valuable time.
Show Me the Hop’ is a Session IPA styled beer
Session IPA refers to beers that have all the taste and aroma of a regular IPA, but with lower ABV is more comfortable to drink a few glass lightly.
For this ‘Show Me the Hop’, fresh hops grown at Hopeden Farm and pellet produced directly in local were used. The variety of hops applied is ‘Cascade’, fresh hops and pellet hops are appropriately mixed and used throughout the entire brewing process.
Main Character
Cistrus flavor, floral aroma
grass and pine
Beer title: Show Me the Hop
Beer style : Session IPA
Volume : 500ml
ALC : 5.5%
IBU : 16